How can we serve you?


That all depends on what you need. Are you buying or selling a home? Are you erecting a fence? Are you a banker or title officer seeking to verify the number of acres in a loan? Are you a landowner that has decided to subdivide your family's farm?

Whatever your needs, we're happy to schedule a consultation to discuss how we tailor our services to meet your individual survey needs. You can even Request A Quote online. We serve all 95 counties in Tennessee. This is our home too.



Types of Services



General Property Survey

Whether you're buying or selling property, building a new structure, or just curious about your property dimensions, a General Property Survey can provide detailed information on acreage, boundaries, and more. 

Elevation Certificate

Insurance companies often require an Elevation Certificate to determine whether or not your home needs flood insurance. 

Boundary Dispute

Boundary disputes are more common than you think. With the help of a surveyor, you can ensure your property is protected from encroachment without the cost and hassle of legal battles.

Legal / Expert Witness

Surveyors are often utilized as expert witnesses in legal cases involving boundary disputes and other property matters. We can verify property boundaries and more in order to help your legal case. 

ALTA Survey

We provide ALTA/NSPS surveys for businesses and organizations in the process of buying or selling commercial spaces, making renovations or expansions, and more. 


Trusted Tennessee Surveyors


Global Surveying, LLC is a member of the Tennessee Association of Professional Surveyors (TAPS) and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS). Our crews arrive in vehicles with Global Surveying, LLC decals, and all crew members wear orange safety vests. Every crew leader is also a Registered Land Surveyor in the State of Tennessee.