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Types of Surveys - Who Needs What?

Land surveys are essential to understanding the boundaries of a given property in order to be aware of encroachments and to ensure that new construction and fencing does not encroach on the property of nearby land owners. There are various types of surveys that can be conducted on a property depending on whether or not the location is or will be used for residential or commercial use as well as other factors. The following are the most common types of surveys.

General Property Survey

General property surveys are the most common type of survey conducted. These types of surveys provide home owners and land owners with an accurate idea of the acreage, boundaries, and borders of their property, or that of a property they are interested in purchasing. General property surveys are beneficial for understanding boundaries, and in particular, where fences can be placed and to which land owner landscaping maintenance and other services should fall to. Home owners may also seek a general property survey when looking to add new structures to their property, such as a garage, barn, fence, or storage building. A general property survey will ensure the new structure does not encroach on the land of nearby properties.

Before beginning the general property survey, the surveyor will complete a title search and ensure that no discrepancies arise in regards to ownership of the property. Once the surveyor has gathered pertinent data and information regarding the history of the land, title transfers, previous ownership, and other information, he or she will then visit the property to complete the fieldwork stage of the process. At this time, the surveyor will gather information on the size and shape of the property and provide a map or sketch of the area, its structures, its boundaries, and various elements located therein, such as lakes, rivers, forests, and other natural landscapes and features of value or interest.


Elevation Certificate

Elevation certificates are beneficial for understanding the possibility of flooding for a designated property. Elevation certificates are used by insurance companies to determine premium rates. The higher your home’s altitude level, the lower your risk for flooding, and the lower your home insurance premiums should be. Elevation certificates are also often required in order to obtain building permits in order to ensure that basements and other structures are not in danger of flooding.


Boundary Dispute

Boundary disputes are more common than you think. With the help of a surveyor, you can ensure your property is protected from encroachment without the cost and hassle of legal battles.


Legal / Expert Witness

Surveyors are often utilized as expert witnesses in legal cases involving boundary disputes and other property matters. We can verify property boundaries and more in order to help your legal case. 


ALTA Survey

An ALTA survey is prepared by a surveyor according to the standards created by the American Land Title Association (ALTA). ALTA surveys differ from general property surveys in a few different ways:

  • ALTA surveys are more detailed than general property surveys.
  • ALTA surveys are more costly than general property surveys.
  • ALTA surveys are typically only required for commercial real estate transactions.

ALTA surveys are generally requested by title insurance companies during commercial real estate transactions to measure the possibility of encroachments, boundary disputes, easements (or right to the use of land or property by parties other than the owner), or claims of easements. ALTA surveys also include more detailed information not found in general property surveys, such as:

  • Cemetery Boundaries
  • Easements and Encumbrances
  • Elevation and/or Flood Zone Risk
  • Evidence of Hunting, Poaching, or Illegal Use
  • Information on Nearby Land and Property Owners
  • Land Improvements
  • Lake, River, and Pond Boundaries
  • Nearby Roads and Access Entrances
  • Zoning Classification


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