Legal/Expert Witness

Where can I find a legal expert witness in a boundary dispute case in Tennessee?


When do property disputes typically happen?

When it looks like there is going to be a lawsuit, land ownership can get pretty complicated. Whether it's a residential property dispute to determine a property line or a survey before a new contruction project begins, it is important to get a legal expert witness who has experience with multiple areas of focus, including both residential and commercial land-related litigation. 

Legal disputes often occur when a neighbor replaces a boundary structure, such as a fence, hedge, etc. Ideally, the two parties involved will get together and work it out. This often does not occur. When it is not clear where a property line is, that's when it is time to call in a legal expert witness. 

What does a legal expert witness do in boundary disputes?

The legal expert witness will then do a thorough analysis of deeds, land registries, physical features of the property, and more. A property survey is also usually required in order to properly determine where he or she thinks the property line is. If this is not acceptable in the eyes of the involved parties and it goes to court, the surveyor will act as a legal expert witness in the court case.

Global Surveying LLC

Unfortunately, we cannot solve all boundary disputes between neighbors. If attorneys are needed, we can act as an expert witness and provide the documentation necessary to move forward in solving your issue. Our Registered Land Surveyors are accustomed to the legal process. You or your attorney can contact us to discuss the land issue and how we can help.