Property Survey Specialists


Your home or land is one of your most valuable assets. Global Surveying understands that. Homeowners, realtors, title companies, bankers, and many others have trusted Global Surveying for accurate timely surveying results. Global Surveying also understands that no two requests are alike. From establishing a property line across hundreds of acres to staking a subdivision lot for fencing purposes, Global Surveying provides the answers you need.


What Type of Survey Do I Need?

The type of land survey you need will depend largely on your role. For example, an insurance agent and a realtor will have very different reasons for needing detailed information on a particular property. While some of the information provided may be the same, some of it may differ. To understand what type of survey you need and why, choose from the following.


At Global Surveying, we specialize in surveys for properties just like yours. Other companies focus on construction projects and government jobs. When you choose our experienced team, a Registered Land Surveyor will be on your property at all times leading the field work and making decisions. Other companies send field crews to your property while the Registered Land Surveyor sits at the office.


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